About the war is over


Producer : Palomar
Genre :
Duration : 52’
Number of episodes : 8
Format : Series 52
Production year : 2020

The story begins shortly after the Liberation of Italy by the Allied forces. Freely inspired by real characters and real events, it will tell us about brave adults and young peoples who slowly return to life.
Our setting is an institution where hundreds of children and adolescents, survivors of the concentration camps and alone in the world, seek refuge in Italy, a country reduced to rubbles. The story is almost a fairy tale, where children and young people rediscover mutual respect, solidarity, the desire to play, study, work, tell their lost humanity. Of course, as in any fairy tale, they will first have to go through hard challenges and defeat monsters. Adorno says that after Auschwitz it is impossible to write poems. The stories of these boys and girls contradict hom. They are the new poem.

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Michele Soavi

Remembrance: if you don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist.

“I feel I’m a privileged director for being able to tell the story of this series because it’s part of a true and profound history and for the mere fact of being able to make a small contribution to what has already been has already been said about the Holocaust. It’s also a source of pride, partly because it’s part of my family inheritance: at the age of 18, my father enlisted in the Republic of Salò because he lived in the area. He narrowly avoided being executed and wrote his fi rst novel narrating his experience. My mother was from a Jewish family and also narrowly avoided deportation.

On this occasion, my job was not to «have fun» entertaining the audience with the suspense,  action scenes and various tricks of the director’s trade, but to tell of what happened as if I were witness to a story that really existed, like scenes emerging from a book of memories. I cried a lot reading the scripts and the story really made me think of the «King of the Elves» by W. Goethe: of a father galloping madly on a stormy night clutching his child to his chest in the hope of saving him… Telling the story of that ray of hope was my task.

The aim of this series is not to reopen old wounds, but to encourage a reawakening and to ask ourseleves questions. Above all, it’s so that we never forget and say the world “never again”.”

Interview with the director



Davide is driven by the obsession of saving as many children who survived the camps as possible. To do so, he fi rstly takes care of them, then he manages to convince the Prefect to give them an old farm where he creates the House. Davide hides a profound hurt: in a certain sense, he is also a survivor of the camps. That is where he lost his wife Enrica and his son Daniele. He does not tell this to anyone. He keeps the pain inside, he does not talk about it.


Davide meets Giulia, a wealthy and unemployed educator, by chance in a Milanese office for refugees, in the midst of the chaos of people looking for news of their children, wives, husbands and relatives. She’s there because she wants to do voluntary work. Davide does not let her slip through his fingers: in his brusque manner, he explains that she will have to ‘look after’ children and adolescents from the camps. Davide does not always manage to impose his rules, especially with her who does not always agree with him.
Davide and Giulia become surrogate parents of all the little guests. Little by little they become emotionally involved with each other.


Ben is a non-commissioned offi  cer of the Jewish brigade, who to all extents and purposes is the headmaster of the entire aff air. Thanks to his military experience and other contacts, together with Davide, they are able to keep this community going. In short, he will become an important support for all children and adults. His dream is to be able to bring the children back to life, and for this reason he dreams of a Promised Land, the State of Israel.


Giovanni is a fi ve-year-old boy who sleeps all the time. Anytime is a good time to fi nd somewhere and shut his eyes… Little by little, Davide manages to understand why he does it: when he sleeps, Giovanni dreams about the children who were in his hut, his friends, his siblings. Now, there is no one left, they all went to the showers, some before, some after. So Giovanni sleeps to dream about them, because in his dreams, it is as if they were still alive, still there with him. When Davide took in the kids, he thought Giovanni could have been his lost child. Even if he was not, he started to care about this little boy.


Sara, 16, arrives at the Estate by herself, just like she managed to escape the horror of the camps by herself. Tenacious and comabative, she is certainly the most determined to leave the Holocaust and Italy behind her. Will her love for Gabriel make her reconsider her future? Will she be able to forget everything or will her thrist for revenge lead her to look for the people who are responsible for her whole family’s deportation?


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