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A film by Manish Pandey

Producer : Motorsport
Genre :
Duration : 111’

Four drivers share their intimate memories of competing alongside Seven-times Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher, whose story is also told.

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Manish pandey

Writer and executive producer of the BAFTA and Sundance award-winning film “Senna” and the critically acclaimed hit series “Grand Prix Driver”.


Interview with the director



The Flying Finn. 1998 and 1999 Formula One World Champion.


Interview Mika Hakkinen


The most successful woman racing driver in History.

Interview Michele Mouton


The greatest driver ever to have raced in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Interview Tom Kristensen


Formula One racing driver. Scored 11 Grand Prix victories and 41 podiums.

Interview Felipe Massa

Director's note

‘Heroes’ was born as an ambitious plan to push documentary film-making to a new level.

When we made ‘Senna’, we dispensed with ‘talking head’ interviews to create a story that always stayed in the moment, using archive only. And in all the interviews that we conducted for ‘Senna’, our knowledge was the key to getting great stories.

But the best way of getting something out of someone is to be their peer – to be one of them – and this was to be at the heart of ‘Heroes’. We wanted drivers to speak to other drivers and film them as their stories unfolded, to each other.

We didn’t want the film to be a series of short stories, about each driver, one told after another. Rather, the plan was to explore the story of the drivers, together, beginning at their beginnings and ending with their endings. To illustrate this, we would use the most beautiful archive, cut in sequences so that the audience could almost imagine being in ‘the mind’s eye’ of the person speaking.

In my experience, top drivers, like all top sportsmen, have the most phenomenal memories for all the minutest details of their sporting lives. They speak as if they are back behind the wheel even though ten, twenty, perhaps even thirty years have passed. To capture those memories on camera and to illustrate them with archive – and to bring this while narrative together so that fans, like me, would feel that they were watching one film was the challenge…

Even more than a film about motor racing, about sacrifice, risk, winning and losing, ‘Heroes’ is a film about life. Life is bigger than winning and losing and, when you really stand back, you realise that we are all on the same life journey – and we are all heroes.

"Heroes’ is very special, quite unlike any documentary"


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