A film by Paolo Santamaria

Produced by : The Culture Business
Directed by :
Paolo Santamaria
Genre : Documentary
Duration : 88’

Bologna, June 2018.

The concert in Piazza Maggiore of Lo Stato Sociale, the band that brought the Italian indie on the stage of the Sanremo Festival, becomes the soundtrack to narrate the story one of the most iconic squares in Italy and the magical city around it. Thanks to a cast of top-level stars from the world of entertainment, music becomes the protagonist of an unforgettable documentary directed by Paolo Santamaria that tells anecdotes, curiosities and memories related to Bologna, the history of Italy and its characters.

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about the band

Lo Stato Sociale

LO STATO SOCIALE is the story of a friendship between “five Bolognese boys making songs”, as Albi, Bebo, Lodo, Carota and Checco ironically define themselves.

After the first EP “Welfare Pop” and “Love at the time of IKEA”, the group started a tour with more than 200 dates throughout Italy followed by a long summer tour that recorded over 70,000 appearances and some dates in the main European capitals

In 2018 they participate in the 68th Sanremo Festival with the song “A life on vacation” which is a great success with the public and critics, placing second in the competition and winning the Lucio Dalla pressroom award. The song has 49 million views on Youtube and 13 million streams on Spotify.

about the director

Paolo Santamaria

Paolo Santamaria, born in 1990, has been passionate about cinema since his childhood.  Graduated in directing and cinema at the National School of Cinema – Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, he starts his career in advertising and music video production. In 2018 he shoots with the historic Italian band Punkreas the videoclip “U SOLI”, broadcast several times on prime-time TV and finalist at the Amnesty International 2019 award.  In 2019 he directed his first feature film “Siamo come Genova”, a documentary distributed by I Wonder Pictures.



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