About big five

A TV special & TV series
by Gilles de Maistre

Produced by Mai Juin production & Mediawan Rights
Genre :
Family, Adventure
Format : 10×26’ TV series + 1×100’ TV special

Five kids, each gifted with a power from one of the savanna’s strongest animals, commonly known as the Big Five, will have to save an African reserve from a greedy mining company.


Gilles De Maistre

Gilles de Maistre is a french director and producer well known for his one-of-a-kind documentaries such as “Demain est à nous”, “le premier cri” and “la quête d’Alain Ducasse” but also for the movie “Mia and the white lion” in which the audience witnessed a unique and authentic friendship between a girl and a lion.

Gilles de Maistre is currently shooting his next movie “the wolf and the lion” in Canada.


“On 2018, we released the movie ‘Mia and the White Lion’, a film shot over 3 years, telling the incredible true story of a child befriending a white lion. This ecological-themed tale is one of a kind as it was shot without the use of special effects or CGI. On screen, the audience witnesses a unique and authentic experience : a fictious story and a true friendship between, a child and a wild animal.”

“Today, we want to go further by creating a series that will be based on these same successful elements.”


Live from Canada (where he is currently shooting “The wolf and the lion”), Gilles de Maistre wanted to talk to you about his next project “BIG FIVE”.

MEET the characters


Philip and Catherine Raimbaud are the parents.

They live in the Ozoruto Reserve, in the heart of South Africa’s Savanna and dedicate their life to the environmental cause by managing a sanctuary where they collect, rehabilitate and protect wild animals. 

One day, five teenage orphans appear on their porch out of nowhere. Who are they? Where are they from? Why was each of them gifted with the soul and the power of one of the Big Five?

They always dreamt of having children and give immediately the teenagers their unconditional love. 

Mamie Rose is the grandmother.

When she hears about her “grandchildren”, she immediately leaves her parisian life to come and settle in South Africa. She wouldn’t miss a second of sharing life with her grandchildren, whoever they might be!

SKY : Daniah De Villiers

The shaman gives her the soul of a LION.

Her power: she is able to get close to and communicate with animals. 

Sky is an introvert who has little self-confidence. She respects rules and other people though. 


As the eldest child, she is the tribe’s chief.


The shaman gives him the soul of a BUFFALO.

His power: he has overdeveloped senses of smell and hearing. He can smell from two kilometers away and hear as far as five.

He is the strongest child. Tall, muscular and strong, he is also a martial arts master.


The shaman gives her the soul of a LEOPARD.

Her power: she can vanish at will. She can also perform prodigious leaps.   

She is curious, audacious, honest to the point of insolence, sometimes a bit rough and definitely a bit of a tomboy.


The shaman offers him the soul of an ELEPHANT.

His power: he has an extraordinary memory. He remembers absolutely everything: phone numbers, conversations…His brain works like a computer where he can stock all kinds of information and retrieve it when needed.

Luis is a gifted child and an extraordinary inventor: he is always looking for a new invention that could change the world, even though very often they turn out to be flops.


The shaman offers her the soul of a RHINO.

Her power: she can heal herself and regenerate to a certain point, just like a rhino’s horn.

Unicorn gets really excited in front of nature’s beauty and abundance and she gets really upset whenever this wonderful new world is threatened.

production note

An innovative production process

We are going to do things differently to achieve exceptional results.
Our series will be shot in an actual wildlife reserve in order to enhance the emotional power of the narration and to make the viewer feel more immersed.
We want to create an environmentally focused project.
The content of the series is conventional and standard: The heroes are realistic, likeable and complex. The look, feel, and the staging are meticulously produced and the emotional stakes relate to everyday life

But two factors will add even more soul to this production:
– An actual wildlife reserve: The set is located in an actual wildlife reserve. It is a South African sanctuary that receives orphan animals such as elephants, bears, lions and panthers from closing zoos and circuses from all around the world.

– Daniah de Villiers : She played Mia in the movie Mia and the White Lion. She is able to create and maintain relationships with wild animals (lions, panthers, and cheetahs). She can get close to them, pet them, play with them, love them, and be loved in return–without the use of any special effects.


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